Deja Vu is your previous loop obsession. In fact, you've experienced that scene in deja vu so many times, you just can't remember it because your memories have been wiped out.

When you visit a place for the first time but find it very familiar, or during a conversation, the order of the words, the content of the conversation and the surroundings make you feel like you were once in a while. Chat like that ... - That is the Dejavu phenomenon, and below let's join Moc Huong Tram for more details in the article below.

What is Deja Vu?

What is Deja Vu?
What is Deja Vu?

If you have seen the film "The Thirteenth floor" or "matrix" then it is no stranger to this hypothesis, basically this hypothesis poses the problem that our universe is just a simulation program of a supercomputer.

In 2001, Nick Bostrom, a philosopher from the University of Oxford, did preliminary research on the idea that a supercomputer - the size of a planet - would be able to run a simulated program. scale is proportional to humanity.

According to research, this calculator is capable of computing 10 powers of 42 algorithms per second. It can describe all of human history (including our thoughts, feelings, and memories). All of that, it didn't take up a millionth of its processing power per second.

That also meant that all around the world came out just data points stored in a hard drive of a giant supercomputer. "We are the characters living in the virtual computer world," he concluded.

Fifteen years later, Elon Mush - founder of Tesla and SpaceX - continues to reinforce this theory. At the 2016 Recode conference, Musk shared that "the probability that we live in the original world is one in a billion."

Interpreted in arguments from science

Interpreted in arguments from science
Interpreted in arguments from science

Up to now, there has not been any explanation that is considered the final conclusion of this phenomenon, because it happens unexpectedly without warning, usually in the age group 15-25.
But to explain itself the School found the most scientific basis as follows:

Example: When we come to a new land for the first time, unconsciously we have been recording the image of the immediate scene into memory, and when we are free from that unconscious, the stored memory appears at the same time as we feel about the new, blending landscape causing the Dejavu phenomenon.

But that's just the biological Deja Vu, and the mysterious Deja Vu is different.

Explained according to the personal thought of Moc Huong Tram.

If explained scientifically, it is just the phenomenon of the brain deceiving itself, but for myself it is not as simple as that.

Because Moc Huong Tram was accompanied by DejaVu with his prophecy, although it was only for a short moment, it was truly an unforgettable experience, and certainly many of you were like me. If you have had a similar experience and know what happens a few seconds later, please comment below.
Tuy Deja Vu and prophecy are two completely separate concepts. But many scientists believe that prophecy is a synthesis of many Deja Vu experiences.

Interpreted in personal thoughts of Moc Huong Tram (Photo: Internet)
Interpreted in personal thoughts of Moc Huong Tram (Photo: Internet)

J.W.Dunne conducted research in 1939 and he found that up to 12.7% of study subjects' dreams have much in common with future events. A recent study by Nancy Sondow in 1988 also showed similar results: 10%. (Scientific name is Deja Reve - phenomenon in which people can dream of dreams once dreamed - repeat dreams, or experience the feeling that was once in a dream in the real world)
Even if it's just over 10%, it is enough to prove that the Prophet exists. If the future is uncertain, time is only one way, no scientist can explain it.

Or ... there is no future at all, but all are preprogrammed. Did you and Moc Huong Tram have a life decision since birth? And is prophecy just the ability of individuals capable of "READ" to emulate a program?

Deja Vu and prophecy are two completely separate concepts (Image: Prophet Vanga)
Deja Vu and prophecy are two completely separate concepts (Image: Prophet Vanga)

I believe those of you who have had experience with fortune-telling or horoscope will understand the above evidence, we are not superstitious but should not deny the truth.

Deja Vu could be a bug in the emulator program

Is Dejavu not just an illusion, but the fact that we experienced it really? not just once, but maybe millions of times.

Similar to a video game, the virtual character (us) is given a mission to complete, but fails too many times so we have to choose how to reset continuously to return to the starting point and do Each reset we have to repeat the actions, words ... we did the previous times.

Deja Vu could be a bug in the emulator program
Deja Vu could be a bug in the emulator program

This makes me think immediately to the hypothesis of simulated universe, whether our program is installed as a loop ..

We had to live a life of millions of times now?

DejaVu is one of the program's fault simulator that universe that we recognize?

Maybe you're wondering why a computer program to create the loop?

Deja Vu is one of the faults of the universe simulator program (Dr. Strange movie Photo)
Deja Vu is one of the faults of the universe simulator program (Dr. Strange movie Photo)

Look for information about Alphago AI , a super artificial intelligence Google beat humans in chess fins 2015.

The active nature of Alphago is that it will create loops to be able to play with itself as many games as possible, from which it will learn, remember, and analyze to improve the ability to handle love. situations when confronted with people.

So if my program and you go through so many loops, will there be any "clues" for us to realize?
And each loop like that we need to be what we are now or not?

Coincidentally, my idea is similar to the movie "reincarnation war" starring super actor Tom Cruise, produced in 2014. Please see and give your own answer. .

Each loop so we need as we like now - "Edge of Tomorrow"
Each loop so we need as we like now - "Edge of Tomorrow"

However some people can still prophesy seconds after deja vu or days, even years ... chances are they are special cases, when their program has not been perfectly edited in round new loop.

And when learning about Deja Vu Moc Huong Tram suddenly arose a hypothesis, is reincarnation in Buddhist teachings true?

The life and destiny of Moc Huong Tram and You have been decided since birth.

We'll do a little bit of DNA research first.

DNA is a molecule that carries genetic information in the form of a trio of genetic codes that regulates all living activities (growth, reproduction, development, etc.) of organisms.

DNA is the molecule that carries the genetic information in the form of three genetic code
DNA is the molecule that carries the genetic information in the form of three genetic code

Separate definition of DNA proves your life has been "programmed", right. DNA resembles a piece of software code in the computer, it determines the entire structure of your biology.

It means your "body" and you have been pre-determined and cannot be changed. Even scientists can determine the rate of disease and your life expectancy through DNA, in the near future when humans decode all the mysteries of this genetic code, they will be like the fairies. tri all.

What about Soul? Are our personalities also "programmed"?

"Anthropology" is the explanation of science to this question.

Many people think anthropology is theology, but it is not. It is a science based on probability (mathematics) that has been summarized and passed down by generations from 4000 years ago. Anthropology will analyze your physique, face, gestures, behavior ... to judge your personality and even your fate.

These original traits will form the corresponding group of actions in social relationships.
The set of actions will create social feedback, thereby forming the development orientation of each person, creating advantages and disadvantages corresponding to the original qualities and personalities. Rich and poor - to - cowardice also comes from.

For example, a girl is born with a "beautiful general", her personality will be very confident and agile, from which social relationships will also open, good job opportunities and the ability to be rich. high because .... can get rich or get support from everyone for their work. Of course facial beauty is not all anthropological, but it also includes other body structures: ears, nape, pointing, heels ... so we see many girls have her face is beautiful, but her hardship is also normal.

Today, anthropology is applied a lot in recruiting personnel, helping companies select the best employees.

So obviously, DNA regulates fitness and anthropology predicts personality from that body, your personality affects social behavior and life. Hence, our life has been decided a lot since birth, this is undeniable.

A piece of code cannot write itself, DNA is a biological code ... so there must be a "programmer" for everything. So the simulated universe hypothesis that we are just an artificial intelligence in a supercomputer is entirely possible.

Examples of Reincarnation - Reincarnation from a scientific point of view

Surely everyone is playing games, and are you curious about how the programmers install virtual characters? and how do they create hundreds of thousands of virtual characters (NPCs) to interact with us (the main character)?

Surely no one has enough time to code each character, but they will Copy - Edit - Paste to create new characters from a single source code (except for special NPCs).

Transforming lives reincarnation according to the perspective of science - "The Matrix"
Transforming lives reincarnation according to the perspective of science - "Matrix"

And because of so many copies, it is impossible not to fail, Typically our DNA, with the average lifespan of a human, the DNA will copy about 10,000,000,000,000,000 times (10 million billion times) with degrees Incredibly accurate, but errors still occur and a number of diseases are indicative of the faulty replication process.

So if we were a computer program, would we have an error?

As I analyzed in the previous post, Deja Vu is an error in memory, causing the data about the previous life that has not been deleted completely, merging with the data about the present life. Therefore, Deja Vu usually only occurs at the age of 15-25, simply after 25 years old, the data in the present life is too much, it will insert and delete all the old data.

So is there any scientific evidence about the bugs of programming programs should we?

Learn about people who become geniuses after brain trauma:

Reuben Nsemoh 16 years old, a football goalkeeper for the Gwinnett district, Georgia, USA.

Reuben Nsemoh
Reuben Nsemoh

Suddenly awakening from his coma, the boy suddenly became fluent in Spanish while never learning or using it before.

According to the Daily Mail, during a ball game, Reuben Nsemoh suffered a serious head injury during a football match, which could be life-threatening, causing the boy to fall into a deep coma.

Waking up 3 days later, Reuben Nsemoh could not speak English but was suddenly fluent in Spanish, a language he had never learned before.

This syndrome is called: Xenoglossy

Jason Padgett (born 1970)

Jason Padgett
Jason Padgett

Around 2002, two men beat Jason Padgett just outside a karaoke bar, then left the victim alone with severe concussions and post-traumatic depressive disorder.

But this accident also caused Padgett to suddenly become a mathematical genius, seeing the world through lenses of geometry.

Padgett's new life made a big impression on Padgett because before he was neither good at math nor interested in the subject, he now creates very precise geometries by himself, which means his brain is working. such intuition helps Jason build sophisticated mathematical formulas and "translate" them as images to see anywhere.

The mathematician Padget later studied in depth with mathematics and arithmetic theory, and of course excel. Jason also wrote a book about his bizarre experiences called “Struck by Genius” published in 2014.

There are also many other cases that I cannot list all, I just mentioned the typical and famous cases recognized and authenticated by the world.

Films of Dr. Strange
Films of Dr. Strange

So if suddenly you have new powers that you have never learned before, the conservation law of the universe will be broken immediately. Knowledge cannot be spontaneously born and "run into your brain", it must be acquired by you in life through study and practice.

Therefore "surely" the above strange cases they have learned and mastered that knowledge, language ... just not in the present life only. And brain injury is a bug that causes their programming programs to "restore" old data. Similar to the use of data recovery software when you delete it from the computer trash.

Explanation of reincarnation according to simulated cosmological theory.

If our program is an artificial intelligence in a supercomputer, it will be able to self-learn and remember about the present life, after the end of its life cycle, that program will be "programmed "Reuse it by resetting the data from scratch and clearing the memory.

However, in computer science, if the data on the hard drive has not been erased, it can still be restored, proving it is not completely lost, but only hidden away. And Deja Vu or "past life" memory is the error that makes us realize our true nature.

AI virtual reality technology and simulated universe
AI virtual reality technology and simulated universe

Coincidentally, the religions accepted this as well, but only explained it in a more fanciful way.
So can we "free" from the emulator program or not? Can we tell who the "programmer" is? That question I will let you answer for yourself.

If you like this article, Moc Huong Tram recommends searching the movie "The Thirteenth Floor" - 13th floor to experience how to escape from the emulator.